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Quality or Quantity ?

This post comes after i have wasted about 6 hours of my time simply browsing through profiles of hundreds of known and unknown contacts i have on facebook…with the advent of social sites the trend of adding everyday known faces is becoming so popular that some of my friends have near to 700 contacts on facebook or other such similar sites…now i am not saying that people cannot be friends with so many persons…but on a very rational basis it is near to impossible to “keep in touch” with so many contacts.. Maybe it is considered as cool to have more number of friends on social sites..more friends you have.more cooler you are!

But at the end of the day it doesnt really serve any purpose..you start feeling such a small entity in the entire web of contacts….A says” i am angry at “B” ” … B says ” C’s concert was great” … C is “in a relationship” with D…D says he is overjoyed!!….phew… and the list goes on….i open my facebook homepage and about 100 new updates are waiting to greet me…how does it matter to me if someone 1000 miles away was angry at her cat today morning ??? and adding to this..i met this person while sipping coffee in a canteen some 4 years back…well no one else is to blame…i myself got into this unending race of adding friends and commenting on random links and pics….

With facebook eating away so much of our time, hardly any time is left to interact with friends physically around us..now i would certainly prefer sipping tea with a batchmate (here) @ 3 am rather than going through profiles of persons i will probably never meet again in my life…

Realisation has finally dawned on me that it is not the quantity but the quality of friends you have that really matters…Three Cheers to all my existing friends and to the ones i am going to make (not on facebook :P) !

Have a good day !



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