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3 Crows & 1 Coconut

Hello readers!!
Welcome back to bluekidontheblock blog series!! 🙂 felt like blogging after a long long time…call it lack of ideas….or simply laziness…just couldn’t bring myself up to the herculean task of opening WordPress and start thinking !
Guess blogging is best when done naturally…assuming that’s the case….here it goes:
After a lazy morning and a heavy lunch and lot of free time on my hand i thought the best way to spend time was to go for a stroll on a beach nearby..
After walking around the beach and full with sights and smells which a coastal landscape offers i sat down right next to a ice cream stall (obviously it goes without saying ..with a yummy vanilla ice cream cup in my hand 😉 ) and started staring at the sea wondering what to do next…Now this beach is peculiar in a way that it has a very steep slope..certainly not the kinds where you can pull off your shirt and dive straight into water…
I dont know how many of you feel the same way,but i tend to get a bit philosophical about life on a beach( with vanilla ice cream running through my veins :P).. Maybe the crows on the beach noticed this change in my mood and started playing with a small coconut shell right in front of me..as if challenging me to come up with a theory explaining their behaviour.
So naturally i focussed all my attention onto it and started noticing…
there were three crows…all similar in shape and size (what did you expect ?? a white crow ? i am sorry but it got tanned in the tropical weather here… )
All three of them were eating bit by bit and one by one from the coconut shell…yes sir…crows do eat coconut…it was news for me too… !! Chennai Restaurant Owners if you are reading this blog..then time to do something about the quality of non-vegetarian leftovers ..leave aside what you serve on the plates to humans…
After about two minutes a huge wave came and took with it the shell…crows in order to save themselves from getting wet flew away in different directions…
but as we all know waves have this to and fro motion the shell was back on land after sometime…and so were the crows!
but alas…as soon as they landed the sea again sucked the shell right back in …as if playing a game with them..two out of the three stayed there for sometime in the hope that the shell will return to them…seeing their expectations fail they flew away…but third one (the tanned one !! 😛 ) was stilll on the battlefield (read as beach)..
He waited longer and after sometime did something very brave..he flew over the sea and got hold of the small shell through one of the holes in it and brought it right back to the land..i was simply awestruck by then !! The crow actually had risked getting wet or drowning (god knows what would have happened if it would have been hit by one of the waves…) and had got what he wanted..he ate for sometime and then again a sea wave came and took the shell back in …again the same sequence of brave actions was repeated by our hungry,tanned but brave crow!! By this time he had gained experience so he caught the shell and carried it as far from the sea as he could…!!!!!! (its not easy for a crow to fly with a coconut in his beak…i was witness to this and i could see the amount of efforts that the crow was putting in..)
But as i explained earlier that this beach has a very steep slope..so as soon as he kept the shell on land it started rolling back towards the sea !!!
Our hero crow made a dash for it….he was actually running behind the shell by now..it was both a funny and an inspiring sight to see…he got hold hold of it and quickly ate some part of it and flew away contended (and maybe happy ! )
Made me realise how much each one of us can achieve if we dont give in when everything seems to go wrong and continue to be persevering in our efforts…(and also not be afraid of getting our feet dirty–our wings wet->in this case that is ! )
What say ????



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