Being ‘Happy’ in the ‘present’ !

Do you feel that sometimes things get to you ? You feel so pissed with life / events around you that you just can not concentrate on the work at hand / present moment and everything seems so dark and gloomy. Nothing interests you. Everyone around you seems useless / having dark motives.

Well it happens to the best of us !

I went through such a mental state today after ages for no particular reason. Suddenly everything was boring and did not feel like concentrating/ working at all..

And precisely at this moment I told to myself, Aggarwal pull your socks up and get moving !

And believe it or not when you get yourself involved in the present and forget everything and give everything that you have got to the present moment and to the task at hand…..

Gloominess disappears! And honestly I returned to the usual calm and happy state that I was in at the start of the day.

Probably thats what they call getting yourself in the Flow state of mind. So my basic point is that sometimes push yourself even if it doesn’t seem worth like it. Do it!

And if it works for you,please don’t forget to say a simple yes in the comments section below.

Post is open to critique / comments. Would be really interested in hearing your views.

Cheers !

Ps : Try it !



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6 responses to “Being ‘Happy’ in the ‘present’ !

  1. Lynn

    Yes. It works. Just yesterday someone said to me, “The problem with today is that it’s stolen by two thieves called yesterday and tomorrow.” This is to often true. Live in the moment it’s all you’ve got.

  2. Bharath


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  3. Saravanan

    Well said Rahul. Stay Cool always, that boosts “Never give up” attitude. Cheers buddy.

  4. Totally works! I do try and bury myself in work {read books} when I get down…doesn’t always work coz the books might make u realize how stupid u r and then I go for a jog and listen 2 loud music…as long as u have ur mind occupied with other things

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