Those Little Things in Life

Namely a wooden bracelet on my hand and Gautam Buddha on my table. Just got done with a meet and been sitting idle for past 15 minutes looking at both of them and feeling happy for no reason. Realised there are so many little things which define me and everyone else for that matter. That particular favourite pair of jeans or that little key chain or some poster on your wall. Things like these with which you identify yourself. True you!
So here is a little post in respect of all those small things in life which make it all the more interesting! For my Green Suede Shoes!!

Ps : I would really like if the readers of this post would like to share their favourite knick knacks with me in the comments section. It can be anything that you like or something which you think defines the person you are.



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4 responses to “Those Little Things in Life

  1. Lynn

    Hi Rahul,

    Gotta say, I must see a pic of you in your green suede shoes.

    As for me, yes I’ve been holding on to my favorite pair of dilapidated jeans for at least 10 years. Classic, faded blue Calvin Klein’s made of the softest cotton known to mankind. Funny, I’m wearing a pair of Clavins now.

    And lizards and refrigerator magnets. I collect lizards from wherever I can find them. The remnants of their third eye amaze me. In the center of their forehead they have a third eye which actually has a lens and retina. It is light sensitive and each single cell within it picks up 2 colors instead of one like the human eye. They use it for navigation and safety. Humans have what some call a third eye. It’s the pineal gland situated behind the forehead in a cavity within the center of the brain. Scientist have proven it produces melatonin which regulates our circadian rhythms. Descartes says it’s the seat of the soul. Some East Indians call it a Chakra. Anyway, I’ve a lizard from Kenya that was hand beaded by an 80 year old village woman. One from Guatemala carved from dried pumpkin skin and hand-painted. Another from Monterrey Mexico and more from other places. Currently, I’m looking for someone to carve one from Jade or another natural stone. Now for magnets. Simple explanation. I just like to remind myself of places in the world I’ve been or friends have been. I pick them up wherever I am. They make good conversation pieces when I have people over. And for some reason, people usually congregate in my kitchen. Hmm.

  2. Well that leads me to the following You are an either awesome cook or the seating area in your house is so full of lizards that people find it tough to sit there. ask me! I am so scared of lizards.

    yes about the jeans, I always have a pair of favourite jeans. My favourite is Levis though 🙂

    Was into magnets sometime back as a kid and as far as the lizard carved out of natural stone is concerned. Can you email me your address ? I am going to this beach town called Mahabalipuram very near to where I stay which is famous for its rock sculptors. Will buy a lizard carved out of granite (black or red) and send it to you.

    Thanks for coming by as always! And when is your blog coming up ?

    • Lynn

      Awesome, you’d really do that? You just made my day! To top it off, today I received a magnet from a friend who just returned from S. Korea. Not Stacey. She’s in Japan and I’m envious. The blog? Oh, the blog. I’ve just been super busy. Maybe I’ll get it going soon.

  3. Ipsha Dey

    The first thing that comes to my mind when i ask myself ”what do I associate myself with ?”..I answer kajal & my fetish for shoes no matter how painful they are.It’s sort of a craze.By nature I’ve been a collector ; a collector of letters,friendship bands,shoes,jewellery & my most prized possesion would be my birthday cards.I think it’s because I like collecting cards, am I very fond of giving cards to people.Yes,i guess that’s about it 🙂

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