Here lies a heart which has stopped beating,
It belongs to a man who has stopped breathing.
A man who can’t go to sleep,
Because he is troubled by some sorrows deep..

Here strolls a young boy along the promenade,
His eyes meet with those of a lovely maid.
Falls in love,
With the face as calm as dove.
Walks to her in a delighted state,
Presents her a rose from her own estate.

His thoughts sailed through the clouds of hope,
and he climbed higher and higher on the love rope.
but the maid followed her instincts as a guide,
and the boy was forced to ride a different tide.

From the distance a lady walked along the boulevard,
And found an entrance into this silent graveyard.
Found the grave and placed a rose
And from the heart, a rhythm arose…



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19 responses to “AMARANTHINE ROSE

  1. This is my first attempt towards writing a poem.This piece of work describes a love story. A man is not able to attain peace even after dying because he is not sure whether his childhood hearththrob still remembers him or not. Then the poem takes the reader back to his younger days where it is evident that the young girl left him alone.Although unexpected she still remembers him even after he is dead and hence comes back to place a rose on his grave.It is shown to be the same rose which he gave to her as a young boy.Thus symbolising that love was still as fresh as the everlasting rose…or should i say AMARANTHINE ROSE !

  2. Its an enchanting story and you told it beautifully 🙂 Sometimes death cannot severe all ties and peace is not attained unless we get what we want.
    I am glad I came by your blog 🙂

    • Thank you ! Glad that you liked it …Well thats the beauty of human bonding, it transcends all limits and boundaries of time,distance,age,colour,caste,race and like.. 🙂

      • Gj

        i always knew u were funny

      • Yashaswi

        he was ?! since when ? 😀
        seriously tho.. very well written.. (the last part almost made my cry.. sob sob) and if its ur first try then i expect more from u m’man.. i hope ur pen is always being used 😀

  3. Gaurav Shahlot

    I like the new YOU!! congrats 🙂

  4. Mandy Singh

    manchi poem raa 🙂

  5. J-O'neel

    Awesome poem..nice & short


  7. ipsha

    Amazing !!!
    A very beautiful poem that you’ve written.I must appreciate the way you’ve laced each word with subtle emotions.And the deeper meaning explained,is really very pretty..

  8. thanks alot ipsha! glad that you liked it !

  9. Aditi


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