Being ‘Happy’ in the ‘present’ !

Do you feel that sometimes things get to you ? You feel so pissed with life / events around you that you just can not concentrate on the work at hand / present moment and everything seems so dark and gloomy. Nothing interests you. Everyone around you seems useless / having dark motives.

Well it happens to the best of us !

I went through such a mental state today after ages for no particular reason. Suddenly everything was boring and did not feel like concentrating/ working at all..

And precisely at this moment I told to myself, Aggarwal pull your socks up and get moving !

And believe it or not when you get yourself involved in the present and forget everything and give everything that you have got to the present moment and to the task at hand…..

Gloominess disappears! And honestly I returned to the usual calm and happy state that I was in at the start of the day.

Probably thats what they call getting yourself in the Flow state of mind. So my basic point is that sometimes push yourself even if it doesn’t seem worth like it. Do it!

And if it works for you,please don’t forget to say a simple yes in the comments section below.

Post is open to critique / comments. Would be really interested in hearing your views.

Cheers !

Ps : Try it !



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Those Little Things in Life

Namely a wooden bracelet on my hand and Gautam Buddha on my table. Just got done with a meet and been sitting idle for past 15 minutes looking at both of them and feeling happy for no reason. Realised there are so many little things which define me and everyone else for that matter. That particular favourite pair of jeans or that little key chain or some poster on your wall. Things like these with which you identify yourself. True you!
So here is a little post in respect of all those small things in life which make it all the more interesting! For my Green Suede Shoes!!

Ps : I would really like if the readers of this post would like to share their favourite knick knacks with me in the comments section. It can be anything that you like or something which you think defines the person you are.


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Freedom – Only for some ??

Primer : This post of mine is the result of 7 days of joblessness and a little bit of overdose of nicotine (read as tea). Anyways here it goes :

I recently had a debate with my mother on the issue that my career should be left in my hands now ( me being 21 and if nothing else I at least have gained the right to make my own decisions/mistakes and learn from them subsequently). Although Her concern for me was genuine and I have nothing against it, but knowing stuff that goes on in a heated verbal exchange between a concerned mother and a 21 year old hot blooded kid , we all know it sometimes gets to best of us. It did get to me. Though I had my music to my rescue and I simply retreated to my room declining to have dinner and demanding to be left alone as I wanted to sit alone and think.

As I was sitting analyzing what she had told me and trying to find out how much of it actually carried weight. Stuff that she told me that is. Stuff like me not being serious enough and not thinking enough about my career and like. And to think of it , It seemed to me that although she was genuinely concerned for me but this was certainly not the correct way to show it. You have to have faith in your kid at the end of the day ! Dont you ? I was correct as well in telling that I need time to find out what I really like and the correct path to follow. And I should be given more time. The real issue is a little more complex which I need not elaborate upon and for the moment the readers of this post can simply take this thing at its face value that there was a point of conflict between what a son wants to do (Take his own time to make his decisions) with that what his mother wants ( follow the safe and secure path and probably get settled fast). And I felt that I was being forced to change my point of view if not directly then indirectly. And this is not correct. Though I understand that it shows weakness of my character but I haven’t given up on my ideals in the past couple of years and neither have plans to give up on them in the future as well. But I believe that this constant nagging only affects my decision making process. Yes it surely does. Ask yourself. You wont certainly be able to make a clearheaded decision if someone wants you to hasten things up. It simply leads you to becoming more irritated and hence end up making a wrong decision if nothing else.

And on the same note I had an opportunity to go through wikipedia page about Sanjay Gandhi,the younger son of former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi and politician Feroze Gandhi and his role during the emergency period of India during 1970s. According to the wikipedia article ( I am no big political historian)

“In the extremely hostile political environment just before and soon after the Emergency, Sanjay Gandhi rose in importance as Indira’s advisor. With the defections of former loyalists, Sanjay’s influence with Indira and the government increased dramatically, although he was never in an official or elected position. According to Mark Tully “His inexperience did not stop him from using the Draconian powers his mother, Indira Gandhi, had taken to terrorise the administration, setting up what was in effect a police state.

To add to it in 1976 he had launched a drive to cleanse the city of slums and force the residents to leave the capital. Sanjay reportedly ordered officials of the Delhi Development Authority, to clear the heavily populated, mostly Muslim slum near the Turkman Gate and Jama Masjid in Delhi. This forced resettlement of more than 250,000 people, which killed at least a dozen as recorded and became a touchstone for the opposition.

Sanjay also publicly initiated a widespread family planning program to limit population growth. But this resulted in government officials and police officers forcibly performing vasectomies in order to meet quotas and in some cases, sterilizing women as well. Officially, men with two children or more had to submit to sterilization, but many unmarried young men, political opponents and ignorant, poor men were also believed to have been sterilized. “

Personally I believe that the end result was meant for the greater good. I am in no way against Muslim Population here or have any bias for that matter. But I strongly believe that every human being deserves to live in a clean and disease free surroundings and what Sanjay Gandhi did was towards this same end result. Also there is nothing wrong in gettting oneself sterilized if one needs to have control over the progeny.

Now here is the interesting bit,  at first I thought what Sanjay did was totally correct and there was nothing to be questioned in it. Later it struck me (yes it took me sometime to realise that he forced his will upon others). And this according to me was wrong.

Now thinking of both the cases as combined,though I am in no way comparing what Sanjay did to those people with what my  concerned mother told me. But in effect the very underlying theme was same, One’s will upon another.

In the first case I was being in a way to directed to do something which I dint want to or was averse to and in another Sanjay played with lives of so many people just for the sake of many many others who will benefit by it. In my case it seems to me that I am correct in demanding for time and in Sanjay’s Case I believe that although his final result is correct but the way of achieving it is certainly not acceptable.

Can we say that Freedom to make a choice can only be given to few ? In the above mentioned cases Freedom of choice should be given to me or rather to a young aspiring student who can (rationally speaking) and will (hopefully) make good use of his/her freedom and end up choosing a career or making a decision which will be beneficial to him and at the end to his family as well. And Freedom shouldn’t be given to slum population as they will never leave (because of lack of options) and hence keep living in not fit for human conditions. I AM NOT MAKING A STATEMENT. I AM ASKING A QUESTION… Is Freedom the right only for few ? How do you decide who gets to choose and who doesnt ??

Ending with the hope that I will be making my own decisions !




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3 Crows & 1 Coconut

Hello readers!!
Welcome back to bluekidontheblock blog series!! 🙂 felt like blogging after a long long time…call it lack of ideas….or simply laziness…just couldn’t bring myself up to the herculean task of opening WordPress and start thinking !
Guess blogging is best when done naturally…assuming that’s the case….here it goes:
After a lazy morning and a heavy lunch and lot of free time on my hand i thought the best way to spend time was to go for a stroll on a beach nearby..
After walking around the beach and full with sights and smells which a coastal landscape offers i sat down right next to a ice cream stall (obviously it goes without saying ..with a yummy vanilla ice cream cup in my hand 😉 ) and started staring at the sea wondering what to do next…Now this beach is peculiar in a way that it has a very steep slope..certainly not the kinds where you can pull off your shirt and dive straight into water…
I dont know how many of you feel the same way,but i tend to get a bit philosophical about life on a beach( with vanilla ice cream running through my veins :P).. Maybe the crows on the beach noticed this change in my mood and started playing with a small coconut shell right in front of if challenging me to come up with a theory explaining their behaviour.
So naturally i focussed all my attention onto it and started noticing…
there were three crows…all similar in shape and size (what did you expect ?? a white crow ? i am sorry but it got tanned in the tropical weather here… )
All three of them were eating bit by bit and one by one from the coconut shell…yes sir…crows do eat coconut…it was news for me too… !! Chennai Restaurant Owners if you are reading this blog..then time to do something about the quality of non-vegetarian leftovers ..leave aside what you serve on the plates to humans…
After about two minutes a huge wave came and took with it the shell…crows in order to save themselves from getting wet flew away in different directions…
but as we all know waves have this to and fro motion the shell was back on land after sometime…and so were the crows!
but alas…as soon as they landed the sea again sucked the shell right back in …as if playing a game with them..two out of the three stayed there for sometime in the hope that the shell will return to them…seeing their expectations fail they flew away…but third one (the tanned one !! 😛 ) was stilll on the battlefield (read as beach)..
He waited longer and after sometime did something very brave..he flew over the sea and got hold of the small shell through one of the holes in it and brought it right back to the land..i was simply awestruck by then !! The crow actually had risked getting wet or drowning (god knows what would have happened if it would have been hit by one of the waves…) and had got what he wanted..he ate for sometime and then again a sea wave came and took the shell back in …again the same sequence of brave actions was repeated by our hungry,tanned but brave crow!! By this time he had gained experience so he caught the shell and carried it as far from the sea as he could…!!!!!! (its not easy for a crow to fly with a coconut in his beak…i was witness to this and i could see the amount of efforts that the crow was putting in..)
But as i explained earlier that this beach has a very steep as soon as he kept the shell on land it started rolling back towards the sea !!!
Our hero crow made a dash for it….he was actually running behind the shell by was both a funny and an inspiring sight to see…he got hold hold of it and quickly ate some part of it and flew away contended (and maybe happy ! )
Made me realise how much each one of us can achieve if we dont give in when everything seems to go wrong and continue to be persevering in our efforts…(and also not be afraid of getting our feet dirty–our wings wet->in this case that is ! )
What say ????


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Here lies a heart which has stopped beating,
It belongs to a man who has stopped breathing.
A man who can’t go to sleep,
Because he is troubled by some sorrows deep..

Here strolls a young boy along the promenade,
His eyes meet with those of a lovely maid.
Falls in love,
With the face as calm as dove.
Walks to her in a delighted state,
Presents her a rose from her own estate.

His thoughts sailed through the clouds of hope,
and he climbed higher and higher on the love rope.
but the maid followed her instincts as a guide,
and the boy was forced to ride a different tide.

From the distance a lady walked along the boulevard,
And found an entrance into this silent graveyard.
Found the grave and placed a rose
And from the heart, a rhythm arose…


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I have always been fascinated by military movies. I recently came across this brilliant 1981 feature film – Das Boot (“The Boat”) directed by Wolfgang Petersen adapted from a novel of the same name by Lothar-Günther Buchheim.
Its a german movie and the entire plot revolves around a single mission of a World War II U- Boat, U-96 and its crew. This movie brilliantly depicts both the excitement and the monotony related with a war.The men serving on the boat are ordinary citizens with a desire to do their best for their country and their comrades.It is based on the exploits of a real german officer Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock who was the commanding officer of a U 96 boat during World War II.

What hit me most about the movie was the fact that it runs for almost 4 hours and most of it is inside the claustrophobic interiors of the submarine.It is literally a journey through the highs and lows which a sailor faces while on duty.The thrill of hunting for a destroyer or the fear when being depth charged have been showcased brilliantly all along.There are many unforgettable scenes in the movie,one of my favorite being the moment when the submarine has sunk to the sea shell and is trying to resurface.During this entire sequence each and every sailor is shown trying to help in whatever way he can to make the submarine resurface.All the sailors help in repairing the damages which caused the submarine to sink.

At the end it all comes down to blowing the ballast of water out of the submarine to make it resurface.At this very moment you become one with the sailors and feel the excitement when the submarine starts to rumble because of the ballast. And here comes a scene where all sailors are standing in a semi-circle looking at each other and at the depth indicator. As the depth indicating needle starts moving up, they roar with joy in unison. This scene is simply overwhelming.At that very moment i truly understood the real value for life.

Many features of a sailor’s life are depicted realistically in this movie. Initially old sailors have strong bonds between them and newbies have to face many jokes and insults before they are finally accepted as a part of the group.Ideological differences amongst the sailors lead to a lot of struggle initially before they finally accept each other whole heartedly.The bond between the sailors thickens as the movie progresses.
Another great feature of this movie is the accuracy and the attention to detail which has been given to each and every aspect of the movie.Whether it is the depiction of the common naval disease “Crabs” or whether it is the accompanying music everything is just perfect.To show the camaraderie being built amongst the sailors in the initial part of the movie,a very apt marching track “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” is played where all the sailors are shown singing to its tunes together.
It’s a Long Way To Tipperary
Also the action scenes when the submarine is shown hunting for the destroyers are power packed and filled with excitement.In short this movie is a window to the world which has no windows at all !


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Quality or Quantity ?

This post comes after i have wasted about 6 hours of my time simply browsing through profiles of hundreds of known and unknown contacts i have on facebook…with the advent of social sites the trend of adding everyday known faces is becoming so popular that some of my friends have near to 700 contacts on facebook or other such similar sites…now i am not saying that people cannot be friends with so many persons…but on a very rational basis it is near to impossible to “keep in touch” with so many contacts.. Maybe it is considered as cool to have more number of friends on social sites..more friends you have.more cooler you are!

But at the end of the day it doesnt really serve any start feeling such a small entity in the entire web of contacts….A says” i am angry at “B” ” … B says ” C’s concert was great” … C is “in a relationship” with D…D says he is overjoyed!!….phew… and the list goes on….i open my facebook homepage and about 100 new updates are waiting to greet me…how does it matter to me if someone 1000 miles away was angry at her cat today morning ??? and adding to this..i met this person while sipping coffee in a canteen some 4 years back…well no one else is to blame…i myself got into this unending race of adding friends and commenting on random links and pics….

With facebook eating away so much of our time, hardly any time is left to interact with friends physically around i would certainly prefer sipping tea with a batchmate (here) @ 3 am rather than going through profiles of persons i will probably never meet again in my life…

Realisation has finally dawned on me that it is not the quantity but the quality of friends you have that really matters…Three Cheers to all my existing friends and to the ones i am going to make (not on facebook :P) !

Have a good day !


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